Transcript of the Trust Deed


Transcript of the Trust Deed

The Trust Deed


Whereas the Land called Pipe Green hath been very unjustly trespassed upon by some, and the pasture too partially over-stocked by others, and the draining and improving the ground neglected by all; Under such circumstances it is presumed that every person who has the least regard to Justice and Equity will think it highly necessary that some proper restriction should be adopted.

Therefore, we whose names are hereunder subscribed, being inhabitants of Bacon Street, Parishioners of the Parish of Saint Chad, in the City and County of this City of Lichfield, having an exclusive Right to this land called Pipe Green, as appropriated solely to our Use, do severally and jointly agree to the following Articles (viz)

First - That as Pipe green was originally bequeathed for the use of the Poor Inhabitants of Bacon Street, legally settled there, in order to make the same of as much utility as possible to such Persons; It is mutually agreed that no person shall turn on, or have more than two head of any cattle what (next few words have been cut out) ...... and the same time.

Second - That no person shall turn any cattle upon the said Green before the first day of May in each and every year, and previous to their turning on, to pay into the hands of a Trustee, three shillings and sixpence per Head; one half for the use of Draining and improving the said Green, and the other half, for the use of the Poor of Bacon Street, legally settled, to be distributed every Christmas, at the discretion of three or more of the inhabitants of the said Street.

Third - That no person shall turn any cattle upon Pipe Green that is not their own real Property; any doubt arising of the same, the Person, so doing, shall be required to prove his property upon an Oath before a Magistrate, otherwise such cattle will be considered as unjustly turned on, and accordingly driven to the Pinfold, Damages taken for the Trespass and the Inspector to be paid for his Trouble by the Trespasser.

Fourth - That a Trustee, an Inspector and three others, as a Committee shall be chose at a Vestry Meeting, in the Parish Church every Christmas, by and out of the Inhabitants of Bacon Street, to Act for the year ensuing. The Trustee will be required to keep a regular account of the money received and disbursed. The Inspector will be required to clear the green on the twelfth of February and chain up the gate until the month of May following, and then not to admit any cattle to be turned upon the said Green without a ticket, signed by the Trustee, certifying that the Entrance money for such Cattle hath been paid, and some reasonable allowances for Trouble as the Committee shall allot.

Fifth - It is unanimously resolved these Original Articles of Agreement shall be deposited in the chest in the Parish Church of St Chad aforesaid, to be referred unto, as occasion may require, and the subscribers thereto do mutually agree to abide by the same, and to prosecute at their joint Expense all Trespass and Violation to the contrary, committed by any person whomsoever.

In Witness Whereof we have hereunto subscribed our Names and affixed our Seals this sixth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety three.

John Fletcher, St George Bowles, John Fern, name that has been cut out. William Walton, William Cheatam, Isaac Brabbins, John Holmes, John Whittaker, Samuel Key, Joseph Mosedale, Edward Vale, John Cooper Allen, John Littleford, John Shaw, John Sharratt, Elizabeth Marklow, Joseph Ashmole, Richard Abbot, George Addams, John Hewitt, William Lyon, John Asburey, Elizabeth Challenor, Thomas Sharratt, Richard Whittaker, Joseph Bonell, William Grimley, Ann Slater, Ric. Hughes, Marg. Allen, John Jackson, Thomas Leek, John Deakin, William Deakin, Thomas Bonell, John Aldershaw, John Holmes, George Hand.

Signed Sealed and Delivered by the above subscribers being first duly stamped in the presence of F. Holmes Notary Pub.