Birds – an overview

We are lucky that throughout the year, a wide range of birds can be seen on the Green; from the inquisitive robin to majestic buzzards soaring overhead. Some of the birds are year long residents, some are summer or winter visitors and others come from the surrounding area and use the Green for feeding. In the last 20 years, over 100 different species have been recorded on the Green and in the surrounding area, although typically about 70 species can be seen over the course of a year. There are a number of factors that contribute to this high number of bird species including:

  • A variety of ecological habitats on the Green, ranging from dry areas, containing specific plant/insect species, to wet and boggy areas where rushes dominate.
  • Mature hedgerows and trees form the boundary of Pipe Green and importantly contain a number of dead and rotting trees.
  • Pipe Green is surrounded by a range of different habitats. These include farmland, both conifer and deciduous woodland, parkland and ponds.

All of these habitats provide nesting sites and food for a wide variety of bird species.