About the Pipe Green Trust Today

David Cadman conducting a wild flower walk

The Pipe Green Trust was established in 1793 to restrict the grazing rights on the Green. At that time a constitution was formed, detailing the roles of the Trust. Today, The Pipe Green Trust still retains a constitution, although it has been modified, on a number of occasions, to make it more relevant to the 21st century.

Membership – In order to become a member of the Pipe Green Trust, you need to have lived on Beacon Street for two years or more. Your name will be put forward at the AGM or half-yearly meeting and current members will vote for your election. Only one member per household is eligible to apply.

Meetings – Two meetings are held per annum. An AGM in early May and a half-yearly meeting in November. We normally discuss any management and conservation issues surrounding the Green.

Beating the bounds – Every year (usually the Sunday after the AGM in May) we walk the boundary of Pipe Green. This has occurred since the formation of the Trust and is a tradition that we like to maintain. In addition, it gives us a chance to ensure the fencing is intact, before the cattle are released onto the Green!

Social activities – Each year we have a couple of social activities. This usually involves a guided walk on the Green led by an expert. Over the last couple of years David Cadman (see image on right) of the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust has led some very interesting and informative walks on the Green. This event is usually followed by lunch at a member’s house.

Election of the committee – At the AGM a committee is elected by members. Positions include chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and pinner. The committee has a couple of additional meetings each year to discuss specific issues.

Work parties – Four work parties are held each year. Two are held in late June/early July to remove thistle, ragwort and Himalayan balsam. The other two work-parties are held in September, where we clear Leomansley Brook of watercress and weeds.