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September 2021

posted 27 Sept 2021, 09:00 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 27 Sept 2021, 09:07 ]

I was thrilled last week to finally get to see an ivy bee on Pipe Green! I have been on the lookout for this bee over the last couple of years and so it was brilliant to finally get to see some. As the name suggests they feed on the very sweet smelling ivy flowers, which are now flowering. The ivy bush by the football field gate is a good place to stop and look for them (as well as loads of hover flies and other buzzy things!) The ivy bee was first identified in the south of the UK twenty years ago and they are slowly making their way north. So it is good to know that they have made it to Staffordshire.


It only seems like yesterday that the hawthorn was in blossom, but now we have the gorgeous red haws gleaming in the sunshine, showing that Autumn is now here. The berries are an important food source in the colder months for some of the birds (blackbirds, thrushes, redwing, fieldfare) as well as small mammals. So it looks like they will have plenty to eat!


I think you will all agree that the cattle have done an amazing job this year, but soon they will leaving us, and I for one will miss them! It is vitally important that they graze the Green and stop the grasses from becoming too dominant and smothering the wildflowers. The dung is also important for fertilizing the soil as well as supporting a range of fungi and insects - in fact I have just come across a 159 page book entitled Insects of the British Cow Dung Community ......anybody interested?!