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September 2020

posted 3 Oct 2020, 05:11 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 3 Oct 2020, 05:12 ]

Whilst writing this with Storm Alex doing its worst, it is good to remember that September was a glorious month, with lots of warm sunshine and a hint of cooler weather later on in the month. To me, a classic image of early Autumn is the bright red berries of the hawthorn. The bushes seem to be laden with berries this year, which give then a gorgeous red glow in the sunshine.


If you go through the football field gate, you may notice that there is a sweet smell and quite a lot of insects buzzing around. This is because the ivy is now flowering and is loved by all sorts of invertebrates, including butterflies, hoverflies, wasps and bees. There is in fact a special bee, known as the ivy bee that I have mentioned before, and which I am still trying to get a photograph of - I just need to be patient! Instead you can enjoy this non-ivy bee feeding on the sweet nectar!


There have been a few parasol mushrooms appearing, but not the normal numbers that we normally see, but I suspect the drier weather has delayed their fruiting. Mushrooms fascinate me and there is a lot more to them than meets the eye: in the soil they have a huge network of filaments, called mycelium, which provide all the nutrients for the fungus as well as being incredibly important in decomposing material and improving the condition of the soil. What is really amazing is that this network can extend for enormous distances (even kilometres!)