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September 2019

posted 6 Oct 2019, 01:46 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 6 Oct 2019, 01:54 ]

Autumn is definitely starting to make an appearance this month. These holly berries are starting to ripen in the September sunshine and will soon be the bright red berries that we know so well. These berries are an important food source for birds in the winter, including blackbird, thrushes and redwings. Of course, they also make lovely Xmas decorations as well!


The warm(ish) and wet weather that we have had this month, has been ideal for the fungi and we have already had a lot of parasol and puffballs on the Green. I am also delighted to see that some of the lovely waxcaps are starting to make an appearance. I am a bit obsessed with these mushrooms, so look out for loads more pictures on our facebook page!


The cattle are still on the Green, but will be going off in the next few weeks. They have done an excellent job grazing the Green and have been a very friendly lot and I will be sorry to see them go. They looked very content the other morning in the early morning sun.