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September 2016

posted 1 Oct 2016, 08:06 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 1 Oct 2016, 09:13 ]
South staffs water

Earlier this month we were fortunate that 8 volunteers from South Staffordshire Water spent the day clearing the vegetation from Leomansley Brook. They did a brilliant job and managed to clear a good section of the brook, which had become quite clogged up with watercress. Thanks to Caroline for organising this event and hopefully they will want to come back for more stream clearing next year! More photos can be seen on our facebook page


The farmer has also cut the dry bits of the Green this month, with his tractor. This is excellent for keeping any thistle and nettle under control, as well as thinning out the rush. Thanks Richard! 

One of the plants that is flowering now, is the devil's bit scabious, which grows in the damper parts of the Green. These purple headed, pin-cushion flowers are a very important food source at this time of year. The good news is, that it seems to be spreading!

Leomansley house

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Nigel Homer, who used to live in Lichfield in the 1980's. At the time, he was an enthusiastic young photographer and took some interesting pictures of Pipe Green and Leomansley pools, which he has kindly shared with me. So to start us off, here is a picture of Leomansley House, taken in 1981, when Mrs Armour-Brown was resident. It looks a bit different now, but I do remember it looking like this when I first started going to the Green in the early 1990's! I will get round to doing a "then and now" comparison, when I have worked out where all the photo's were taken from. If anybody else has any old photos or memories of the Green, then I would love to hear about them. You can contact the Trust via email on trust.committee@pipegreentrust.org. 

Finally we will be having our last work party of the year on Sunday 9th October from 10.00 - 12.00. We will be cutting back some of the bramble that seems to have grown well this year! Hopefully see you then!

Image to the right courtesy of Nigel Homer