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September 2015

posted 7 Oct 2015, 09:07 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 7 Oct 2015, 09:15 ]
autumn cattle

What glorious weather we have had in the last few weeks of September. There is now a definite Autumn feel to the Green and the trees are just starting to change colour. The cattle have done an excellent job of grazing this year, and only a few have managed to escape on a couple of occasions! A number of waxcap fungi are just starting to appear, which is another sign that Autumn is fast approaching. As I am somewhat fixated with these fungi, I can assure you there will be lots of photos of them in next month's post. Excitingly a kingfisher has been seen on Leomansley brook near to the pipe - so keep your eyes open for a flash of blue, next time you are on the Green!

drop in Beacon Park

At the end of September, on a glorious sunny Saturday, we had a community drop-in event in the Museum gardens of Beacon park, which was hosted by the Friends of Lichfield Historic Parks. Thanks to everyone who came along and said hello - it was great meeting and talking to you! If you did not manage to come along but meant to, you can download a leaflet (PDF 945KB) which will tell you more about the Green and the work that we do.

Holly berries

The holly berries are starting to ripen (just to remind you that Christmas is getting closer!) The birds love to eat the berries and so I don't think many will last that long. Surprisingly, sheep and cattle are quite partial to eating the odd holly leaf and if you look closely at a holly tree, the leaves at the bottom of the tree are much more prickly than those higher up. This is thought to be an adaption by the trees to protect them from being grazed. Quite clever really!