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September 2014

posted 30 Sept 2014, 03:30 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 30 Sept 2014, 03:40 ]
cut rush

A huge thanks to Richard Robinson for cutting the Green this month with his tractor. He has managed to cut back some of the rush that was starting to encroach onto the dry part of the Green, as well as knock back any unwanted thistle, nettle and dock. He most certainly has saved us many hours with the strimmer! Cutting the Green like this, plus having the cattle grazing, keeps the grass quite short, which in turn allows the wild flowers to proliferate.

orb spider

Whilst the boggier side of the Green is less well visited - for obvious reasons and even a good pair of wellies can get stuck in the mud - it does contain some interesting plants and wildlife. Anyone who has seen the Green on a frosty or dewy morning, will know that there are hundreds of spider webs suspended across the rushes. One of the most impressive are the orb spiders and whilst wandering through the rush the other day found this rather beautiful specimen on my shorts. It is, according to my book, a female four spot orb weaver spider. They do vary in colour, from yellow through to dark red and brown. Whilst they are not uncommon, I think you will agree, that they are stunning - well that is, if you like spiders.

common frog

Another inhabitant of the wetter side of the green is the common frog. They are incredibly well camouflaged amongst the rush - you only really notice them when they hop across your feet! They feed on insects, slugs as well as worms but the frogs themselves are a favorite food of the heron. This was witnessed the other morning when I saw a heron successfully frog hunting on the edge of the rushes (and of course I did not have my camera with me!)