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September 2013

posted 20 Oct 2013, 03:32 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 20 Oct 2013, 04:00 ]

One plant that carries on flowering into September is the harebell (Campanula rotundifolia). It is totally unrelated to the bluebell, although rather confusingly, in Scotland it is often referred to as the Scottish bluebell! It is instead, a bell flower - a family of plants greatly loved by gardeners. It grows well on the drier parts of the green and the delicate blue flowers are in important source of nectar for insects in the Autumn.


In early September, we had a successful work party and managed to clear some of the watercress out of the stream. However, it was hard work and we have decided to wait until the watercress starts dying back, before attempting to clear some more! Will just have to wait until it starts getting a bit colder. The cattle are still on the Green and will probably be there until the end of October. With the warm weather, there is still plenty of food for them and they are doing an excellant job in keeping the grass short.


On the bird front, it is quite quiet at the moment. The summer visitors have gone and the winter visitors are yet to arrive. Whilst redwings are in the area, I have yet to see one on the Green. No doubt when the weather starts to get cooler, they will be visible feeding on the hawthorn berries in the hedges. Just to finish with an atmospheric view of the cathedral silhouetted against an Autumn skyline.