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October 2021

posted 31 Oct 2021, 02:48 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 31 Oct 2021, 03:03 ]

You may have noticed that the cattle were taken off the Green at the end of October, having done an exceptional job this year. As mentioned previously, cattle are an important part of the management of the Green, grazing not only the meadow area, but also in the wetter part of the Green, where they do a fantastic job in trampling the rush and breaking up the ground.

For me October is always the month of fungi, and this year is no exception! The Green is fortunate to have a number of rare waxcap fungi, which require, low nutrient levels, short grass and a well-developed moss layer - something the Green has to offer. However, unfortunately it is not all good news, as waxcap numbers have decreased markedly in some places this year. This is due to more people walking on the Green, creating new paths across the meadow, which in turn tramples the ground and destroys the waxcap’s precious habitat. So please try to walk on the edge of the Green and protect this fragile meadowland habitat! Below is a collection of some of the lovely waxcaps and fairy clubs that you might see - I think you will agree, they are rather special and worth looking after!

wax cap