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October 2020

posted 2 Nov 2020, 04:02 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 2 Nov 2020, 04:11 ]

Autumn is well and truly on us and this year not only are the trees giving a lovely display of colour, but the oak trees are producing a bumper harvest of acorns. This is most noticeable if you go into Leomansley woods, where the ground, underneath the oak trees, is absolutely carpeted with acorns. Anyone who watched Autumnwatch this week, will know that when this happens, it is known  as a mast year. It occurs every 5 - 10 years, although why and how it happens is still not fully understood. The jays are certainly happy with the extra acorns and are quite active - so keep an eye out for them.


Well Autumn would not be Autumn, without the fungi and this year there are a good number growing on the Green. There are the more obvious parasol and fly agaric mushrooms, but nestling amongst the grass and mosses, are the beautiful waxcap fungi - my favourite! You do have to look for these as they can be quite small, but as everybody knows, size isn't everything!


Finally, I love this view looking towards the Abnall's lane gate entrance...I wonder what lies beyond?!