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October 2016

posted 28 Oct 2016, 02:13 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 29 Oct 2016, 01:11 ]
Autumn cattle

The cattle have been soaking up the Autumn sunshine this month and doing some last minute grazing. They have now been taken off and thanks to Richard for choosing some of the most laid-back cattle I have ever seen. I think you will agree, have done a fantastic job this year! 


We had a work party at the beginning of October and managed to cut back one of the big bramble bushes, which are capable of growing at an alarming rate. So thanks to everyone who came along. Bramble does however give protection to nesting birds and are an important food source for insects and the berries do taste good! So whilst we are happy to have some bramble on the Green, it does need to be kept under control. We won't be having an official work party on 6th November, (a lot of people seem to be away), but I will probably go over around 10.00ish and do some bramble chopping, provided the weather is OK. So please feel free to come and join me!

Leomansley pond

Another picture from the early 1980's, again kindly sent to me by Nigel Homer. This time it is of Leomansley Ponds. I am still trying to work out where exactly it was taken from and if you have any suggestions, then please let me know. It does however show how much the trees and vegetation have grown in the last forty years!

Image to the right courtesy of Nigel Homer.