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October 2013

posted 4 Nov 2013, 10:13 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 4 Nov 2013, 14:15 ]
parasol mushroom

For anyone who has visited the Green in October, you will probably have noticed the abundance of parasol mushrooms growing near to the Maple Hayes side of the Green. These large edible mushrooms started appearing as early as August and they are still continuing to appear. Some even managed to escape being trodden on by the cattle. although not all!

crimson waxcap

Another mushroom variety that is putting on a wonderful display is the Waxcap family. These little gems can be found nestling amongst the grass and moss on the drier parts of the Green, especially where the grass is quite short. They come in a multitude of colours from bright red, through to green, yellow and white and range in size from about 1-7cm. Some start off orangey yellow but turn black as they get older. I have become somewhat fascinated by these little mushrooms and have taken a number of photos, some of which can be found on the Pipe Green Trust facebook page. Apart from being beautiful, waxcaps are a very important indicator species of nutrient poor and undisturbed meadow land, like Pipe Green. An article on the importance of waxcap-grasslands and the need for them to be conserved can be found here. For anyone wanting more information Natural England has written a more detailed report


The Green is now looking very Autumnal, with hawthorn berries and other fruits in abundance in the hedgerows. The cattle have now been taken off and have done an excellant job in keeping the grass short. A large flock of redwings and fieldfares have been spotted on the alders by the stream as well as a couple of snipe in the reeds - a sure sign that Autumn is with us. On a blustery afternoon last week, whilst dog walking on the Green, I captured this photo of a rainbow appearing over Lichfield - and no, I did not get wet!