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October 2012

posted 10 Nov 2012, 10:05 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 11 Nov 2012, 00:40 ]
Bullock grazing in the mist

Cattle in the mist! Quite an atmospheric feel as the autumn mist hangs over the Green. The cattle have now been taken off, in accordance with our curent management plan. Interestingly when the Trust was established in 1793, livestock were allowed to stay on the Green until 12th February. I am not sure what they would have eaten, as there must have have been very little food available.

Dew on a spiders web

With the morning mists, the spider webs magically become visible. It is amazing to see how many spider webs there are suspended between the stems of the rushes. Not only are there a large number, but also the shape and sizes differ enormously. I am no expert when it comes to spiders, but one that you will see is the large orb-web of the garden spider. This is one of largest spiders in Britain and there are plenty of them on the Green!

Fly Ageric

There has been a good display of the fly agaric fungi under the birch trees near Leomansley House. This fungus has a distinctive red cap with a variable number of white spots and is one of the easiest fungi to identify. It is more hallucinogenic than poisonous as it contains a number of chemicals that interfere with neurotransmitter receptors in the brain. Still, I don't think I will put it to the test!.

A few of the winter bird visitors have already arrived including redwings and siskin. The siskin is a delightful little bird that belongs to the finch family and flocks of them can often be seen eating the seeds on the alder trees surrounding the Green. They have a distinctive twittering noise and the sound of them will brighten up a drab winter's day.