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November 2019

posted 1 Dec 2019, 01:15 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 1 Dec 2019, 01:16 ]
fly agaric

Apart from the waxcap mushrooms,we also have some other species growing on the Green, and so I was really pleased to see this fly agaric mushroom growing underneath a birch tree. On a closer inspection, however, I noticed that it hardly had any of the typical white spots on it - normally they look more like this. After a bit of search on the internet, it turns out the white spots are in fact scales and these can be washed off after heavy rain. So given how wet it has been this month, I guess the spots got washed off in the rain!

cherry tree

The autumn colours have also been quite good this year and I noticed this cherry tree putting on a lovely red/orange display. Whilst these trees are more renowned for their spring blossom, they nevertheless look pretty good in the Autumn as well.


Just to finish this post with a beautiful sunrise taken by Wildlife Kate, earlier on in the month. It is absolutely stunning and it makes it worthwhile to get up early and go over to the Green!

Image to the right courtesy of Wildlife Kate.