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November 2016

posted 6 Dec 2016, 08:11 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 6 Dec 2016, 08:42 ]
oak tree

I have always been aware that some trees drop their leaves much later in the Autumn than others, but have never thought that much about it. However, after a bit of reading, I now realise that there is a lot more to this. The condition is known as marcescence and whilst the leaf is dead, it still stays attached to the branch. Oaks and beech are especially prone to this and if you look along the boundary hedges on the Green, it is only the oak that still are holding onto their leaves. Why? A good question and one that doesn't seem to be easily answered. There may be some advantage to the tree for doing this, but personally, I just enjoy seeing their colour on a cold November morning!

Fox and badger

I know this is not directly related to Pipe Green, but myself and local wildlife enthusiast, Georgia Locock have been monitoring some badger activity at a local site. We have managed to get some badger footage as well as an interesting interaction between a fox and a badger! It would be interesting to find out if these badgers are also visiting Pipe Green.