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November 2015

posted 8 Dec 2015, 09:04 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 8 Dec 2015, 09:27 ]

With the very mild and damp November, there have been a lot of different fungi fruiting on the Green, with the waxcaps being some of the most colourful. These are often referred to as the "orchids of the fungi world" and apart from been beautiful, they are also important indicators of unimproved nutrient-poor meadowland. The waxcaps, along with three other groups of fungi are used by ecologists to assess the importance of a site. I was very pleased with the photo on the right, although I did get rather wet knees!

Green Woodpecker

I have managed to put the trail camera a few times this month, in an attempt to record some foxes, but so far, I have not had much luck. I did manage, however, to get some quite good footage of a green woodpecker. These are very distinctive birds and apart from being green, have a bright yellow underside and a red crown. If you look carefully at the video, there is another green woodpecker behind the thistle. They do normally breed in the trees on the edge of the Green and can often be heard as they have a characteristic call or yaffle.

With the days becoming quite short, I am often on the Green as the sun is setting and managed to get this sunset the other day. I love the way the colours are reflected onto the clouds.