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November 2014

posted 10 Dec 2014, 01:14 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 10 Dec 2014, 01:56 ]
Georgia Locock

Well there have certainly been some exciting developments this month! Local wildlife enthusiast, Georgia Locock, has been helping us record some of the wildlife on the Green, by using one of her trail cameras. After a couple of attempts, we managed to get some lovely footage of a fox, which can be seen on Georgia's blog (along with loads of other fascinating and worthwhile things that she is doing). This fox seems to be in good condition although quite nervous of the camera! Undeterred, we decided to put the camera up again to see if we could get some more footage. So imagine our suprise (and delight) when we caught on camera, not just one, but two adult foxes! Clips of the footage can be seen again on Georgia's blog post. This time, they seemed a lot more relaxed around the camera and look to be in good health. We are very lucky that Georgia has offered to help us in this project, as she is experienced in using trail cameras and very knowledgable about wildlife in general. Thanks Georgia and I can't wait to find what else is on the Green!

crimson waxcap

Something that is a bit easier to see and doesn't require a trail camera are the waxcap mushrooms. These delightful mushrooms can be seen on the Green in October and November and come in a whole range of colours. Waxcaps are a very important indicator species of nutrient poor meadow land, like Pipe Green, so we are always pleased to see them appear. More images of then can be seen on our facebook page

winter scene

Just to finish on a wintery note - sometimes it is just worth getting up early and going for a walk on the Green!