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November 2013

posted 14 Dec 2013, 08:48 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 14 Dec 2013, 09:07 ]
stream clearing

I am afraid that this is a rather belated update on what has been happening on the Green in November! The middle of the month saw some intrepid members attempting to clear some of the watercress from Leomansley Brook. The watercress grows in profusion over the summer months and this year was no exception! We always have a couple of work parties in the Autumn to clear the watercress and hopefully maintain a reasonable waterflow in the brook.


There has been some exciting bird news: in early November Bob Russon heard, but was unable to see (despite a valiant attempt), a long eared owl in Leomansley woods! This is the first sighting (hearing?) of a long eared owl in Leomansley woods and is very good news indeed. It is most likely a visitor (maybe from Maple Hayes?) or a migrant passing through. Another lovely bird that you may be fortunate to see, is the kingfisher. One has been seen on Leomansley ponds as well as along the brook on the Green. So keep a look out for a flash of blue, if you are walking in this area!

Image to the right courtesy of Bob Russon, Lichfield & District Local RSPB Group
beech trees

There has been a good display of Autumn colour especially from the beech trees on the Green, whose yellow and then brown leaves look beautiful in the autumn sun. For those of you who like a bit of chemistry, the autumn leaf colour is due to a number of different pigments in the leaf, which persist after the chlorophyll (which gives the leaf its green colour) has died. Yellow colours come from carotene pigments, red colours from anthocyanin pigments and the brown colour from tannins. I could go on a technical ramble, but is probably best for anyone interested to have a look here!.

Image to the right courtesy of Bob Russon, Lichfield & District Local RSPB Group