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May 2021

posted 1 Jun 2021, 02:27 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 1 Jun 2021, 02:32 ]

With the warmer and wetter weather arriving towards the end of the month, the grass and buttercups and everything else has suddenly put on a huge growth spurt! The hawthorn blossom is out, the birds are singing and the cold days of winter seem a long time ago. One of the plants putting on a good display is the white pignut, whose delicate flower looks lovely amongst the buttercups.


And now for something a bit more dramatic….! I was watching a kestrel hovering over the Green, when it suddenly dived into the rushes and came out holding on to a vole! I managed (just) to get a photo as it flew away and you can see the vole hanging down in the kestrel’s claws. It is most likely a field vole as they are the most common type of vole and if you look closely, it also has a short tail (characteristic of a field vole). It is great to see the kestrels successfully hunting and hopefully they have a nest nearby.


The good news is that the orchids are just starting to flower! There seem to be quite a few growing, so hopefully we will have a good show over the next few weeks. We will be putting up the cattle-proof fencing in the next week or so and the cattle will be turned out shortly after that.