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May 2019

posted 27 May 2019, 04:05 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 27 May 2019, 04:14 ]

The Green has suddenly sprung into life in the last few weeks and it is looking glorious. There are swathes of pignut and buttercup across the grassland area turning it into a sea of white and yellow. It is well worth a visit!


The orchids have finally decided to start flowering. They have taken their time this year, but I think the cooler weather earlier on in the month has slowed them down a bit. It looks as though we are going to get yet another good display of both the common spotted orchid as well as the southern marsh orchid. Keep a look out on our facebook page for more orchid news!


We had a very successful walk on the 18th May, where over 30 people from Lichfield Wildlife Group came to hear more about Pipe Green and what it has to offer. This enthusiastic group were very keen to see the adder tongue fern, as well as where the orchids were growing. The buttercup and pignut put on a good display and we saw and heard over 26 species of bird, including a very noisy sedge warbler and a number of reed bunting. A very enjoyable time was had by all.

On another note, the monthly work parties will be starting on Sunday 2nd June. The dates of all the work parties can be found here. They start at 9.30 (or there abouts) and last for a couple of hours. For this first work party , we will be tackling some of the willow herb that is starting to grow in the damper side of the Green. All are welcome to attend. I will bring some sickles along, although it is generally fairly easy to pull by hand.

Image to the right courtesy of Wildlife Kate