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May 2018

posted 7 Jun 2018, 09:18 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 7 Jun 2018, 09:20 ]

What a difference a month makes! In early May, the grass was just starting to grow and by the end of the month it was 2 foot high! The Green is now teeming with insect and bird life and the plants are putting on a spectacular display, not least the orchids. There seem to be more than ever flowering and they are really looking lovely.

orchid close up

One of the species of orchids flowering at the moment is the common spotted orchid, and you can really appreciate the detail of the individual flowers on the spike by this close up photo. The three distinct and quite pointed lobes on the bottom petal of the flower is characteristic of the common spotted orchid and can be used to distinguish them from other orchid species. They are exquisite though aren't they?


Towards the end of the month the damselflies started to appear and I was quite pleased to manage to photograph a pair of large red damselflies starting to mate. The male clasps the female's neck and then she is supposed to bend her body round to his reproductive organs and so form a "wheel" shape - except I don't think she is being that cooperative!

Twelve cattle were turned on to the Green at the end of May and have settled in really well. They are a very chilled bunch and are starting to munch their way through the sward (and hopefully leave the orchids alone!). To finish off this post, the Trust and Lichfield Discovered are joining forces on Friday 15th June at 7.30 pm for an evening wildlife and history walk around the Green. This will be followed by a few drinks and snacks (bring your own!) as the sun sets. We will meet at 7.30 pm by the bench alongside Leomansley Brook. It should be fun and hopefully see you there - I might even bring my bat detector along!