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May 2017

posted 29 May 2017, 02:54 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 29 May 2017, 06:10 ]
Beating the bounds

We had a lovely "Beating the Bounds" event on the 14th May. It was a glorious Spring day, which meant that the walk around the Green was very pleasant indeed. It was good to meet and talk to a whole lot of new people and reassuring to know that the Green is treasured by so many. A huge thanks to everyone who came to say hello and to the Trust members for organising this event. On our walk, we managed to see a range of different plants, but for me, the highlight of the walk, was seeing a nuthatch nest, with two very busy parents darting in and out of the nest, obviously feeding their young. Remarkably, not 10 feet away, on the same tree, a blue tit was doing exactly the same thing!

hawthorn blossom

Looking at the hawthorn blossom in the boundary hedges of the Green this month, I can appreciate why hawthorn is often called "may flower"! Having taken some photographs of the blossom, I was suprised to see, upon a closer inspection, that some of the individual flowers contain both male and female reproductive organs. In other words it is hermaphrodite. This is beneficial to the tree, as insects only have to transfer the pollen a short distance from the male to the female parts of the flower. No wonder there are always so many haws in the Autumn!


Other news from the Green this month, is that the grasshopper warbler is still about and has been heard singing from the rushes. The flowers in the sward are looking beautiful, not least the orchids, that are starting to flower this month. The cattle have recently been turned onto the Green and seem to be settling in well - I have only been followed once! Also to remind you that we are having our first work party on the 4th June - 10.00 - 12.00. We will be pulling some of the thistle (although there is not that much coming through at the moment) and cutting some of the nettle. More details of this and the dates for all our other work parties can be found on our Announcements page.