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May 2015

posted 8 Jun 2015, 05:24 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 8 Jun 2015, 05:38 ]
southern marsh orchid

Anyone who has been on the Green this month, will hopefully agree that it is looking spectacular at the moment with swathes of buttercup and pignut across a large part of the Green. However, a closer inspection will also reveal many other species including grasses, sorrels, speedwells and clover - to name but a few. You may also be lucky and spot some of the orchids. I could not decide on which photos (of the many I have taken) to include in the post - so I have put a selection on our facebook page as well. You will also be aware that the cattle are now grazing on the Green and seem to have settled down well.

common frog

I have been trying to get some more footage from the trail camera this month and I thought it would be interesting to get some shots of the herons that frequent the brook. Frustratingly, I have not been that successful - I have got excellent footage of the top of a heron's head, but not the rest of it!. Anyway, I will persevere and hopefully have something for next month. However, I managed to get a photo of what the herons are eating - the common frog. I just love the markings on this one who, I must admit, posed very obligingly for the photo!

meadow saxifrage

We recently had a visit from Natural England, to inspect the Green and see how successful our Higher Level Stewardship scheme has been. I was very pleased with the positive comments that were made by the visiting ecologist and we have had some very helpful advice. I was also delighted to find a plant, which has a rather beautiful white flower. It is a meadow saxifrage (confirmed by the Natural England ecologist), which is not that common in Staffordshire and it is the first time it has been recorded on the Green!