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March 2021

posted 31 Mar 2021, 08:39 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 31 Mar 2021, 08:49 ]

What a glorious end to March and Spring is definitely on the way! The birds are singing loudly and I even heard my first chiffchaff this week! (Chiffchaffs are summer visitors and are one of the first warblers to return to the UK.) Apart from the birds, the leaves of the hawthorn have suddenly started to emerge and are giving the edges of the Green a lovely fresh greenish haze. I was lucky enough to see a bright ladybird amongst the newly emerging hawthorn shoots!


Whilst the yellow lesser celandine has been flowering for most of March, in the last week, the gorgeous wood anemone (or wind flower) has started to produce its delicate white flowers. This has to be one of my favourite plants, so look out for more pictures of these over the coming weeks, as there will be many more!


Something that you don’t often see, is a toad on the path by the back gate! Having narrowly avoided standing on it, I then noticed on the other side of the path, two more toads. These were in a more rather amorous position, but they were also a bit more camera shy and headed off into the undergrowth! Great to know they are about and do be careful not to stand on them if you are walking near the back gate!