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March 2015

posted 4 Apr 2015, 08:14 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 4 Apr 2015, 08:32 ]
frog spawn

Whilst walking on the boggy side of the Green in early March, I became aware of a very loud croaking noise coming from the brook. A closer investigation revealed the noise was coming from a large number of amorous frogs congregating in the stream! Judging from the amount of frog spawn that had been laid, it would seem that mating was successful and the frog population is alive and well on the Green - good news if you are a heron!

wood anemone

There have been many other signs this month that spring is well on its way - the celandine is just coming into flower as is the wood anemone (one of my all time favourite flowers). The birds are also busy nest building and again we have a number of reed buntings breeding this year. I have continued to monitor the wildlife with a trail camera and there is at least one fox who is a regular visitor to the Green - hopefully I will manage to sort out the footage (and the technology!) for next month's post.


Unfortunately one of the old horse chestnuts, near the football field gate fell down this month. This tree used to be a favourite roosting place for a little owl and more recently a nesting place for jackdaws. I will miss it, as there was always something interesting happening amongst its branches. This month I am finishing the post with a beautiful photo of sunrise from Pipe Green - not one of mine, but from a much more accomplished photographer, Steve Martin, who took this stunning picture from the Green earlier this month. More of his excellent work can be seen on his Longbow Photography facebook page.

Image to the right courtesy of Steve Martin of Longbow Photography