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March 2014

posted 7 Apr 2014, 08:22 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 7 Apr 2014, 08:45 ]

Well, the frogs most certainly seem to be enjoying the warmer weather! A large number of these frogs congregated in Leomansley Brook in early March and mated. Consequently there is now a large amount of frog spawn in some parts of the Brook. Hopefully some of the tadpoles will survive and develop into adult frogs. I just love their eyes!

Image to the right courtesy of Bob Russon, Lichfield & District Local RSPB Group
wood anaenome

One of my favourite flowers of all time is the wood anenome or wind flower. I can't resist taking photos of these stunning delicate flowers. This year I have noticed that these plants have spread over quite a large area of the boggy part of the Green. They do like damp conditions, so all the rain and wet weather we have had obviously has suited the wood anenomes! If you want to see more of these flowers then there is quite a good display in Leomansley Woods, but the best that I know of is in Hopwas Woods. They can be found near the canal by Hopwas Wood Bridge - but you will have to get there quick as the flowers do not last that long!


A lovely view of the cathedral from Pipe Green with the trees just starting to come into leaf. Some of the summer resident bird species have already arrived, including the chiffchaff, which can be heard calling on Pipe Green. They have a characteristic call, and are one of those birds that are easier to hear than see! Reed buntings can also be seen on the Green, often near some of the bramble bushes. We are fortunate that each year these little birds usually successfully breed.