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March 2013

posted 12 Apr 2013, 09:22 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 12 Apr 2013, 09:24 ]
Pipe Green covered by snow
A look at the March entry from last year shows what different weather we have been having. Instead of celandine, wood anemone and lots of birdsong, we have had icy winds and snow! Not suprising that there is still a wintery feel to the Green.
Pipe Green covered by snow
However, some good news is that earlier on in March, when the sun was shining, reed buntings were spotted by Bob Russon. The male in particular is quite distinctive with his black head and white collar and can often be seen perched on the bramble bushes and taller reeds on the wetter parts of the Green. Each year a number of pairs successfully breed in and around the Green. They build their nests quite low to the ground in dense undergrowth, so having areas of bramble is very helpful to them.

Image to the right courtesy of Bob Russon, Lichfield & District Local RSPB Group
Pipe Green covered by snow
Another visitor that seems to be very active at the moment is moles! A large number of molehills have appeared in some areas of the Green. Seemingly moles can dig up to 20 metres of tunnel per day - so there may not be as many moles as you first think. Having said that, there are reports of a large increase in mole numbers due to the wet summer last year and the abundance of their favourite food - earthworms!