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June 2021

posted 30 Jun 2021, 09:11 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 30 Jun 2021, 09:20 ]

Whilst the orchids are putting on a good display, there are a lot of other, less showy plants that are also looking lovely at the moment. Not least is the humble dog rose, which twines it way up through some of the trees and bushes and has an exceedingly delicate pinkish flower. Well, I say dog rose, but after looking in my trusty Collins Flower Guide, I realise that there are a number of "dog roses", which require a careful examination in order to distinguish between them! Apart from been loved by insects for their nectar, dog roses also produce the wonderful bright red hips in the Autumn, which are enjoyed by the birds and anybody who is intent on making rose hip syrup!


Just to show that the Green supports a whole range of invertebrate life, I managed to find this small (about 0.5cm long) caterpillar-like thing, on some of the dock. Initially I thought it was ladybird larvae, but a closer examination, and a bit of research lead me to the conclusion that it is the larvae of the green dock beetle. The adult beetles can be seen on the dock leaves and as the name sugests, are a rather smart metallic green colour.


Anyone who suffers from hayfever, will be well aware that the grasses are flowering at the moment and producing rather a lot of pollen. We have a total of 16 different types of grass growing on the Green and one of my favourites has to be Crested Dog's Tail. It is one of the easier grasses to identify, having a distinct spiked appearance. In the photo the small dark spidery bits that you can see hanging down, are in fact the anthers of the flower and yes, releasing lots of pollen!