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June 2020

posted 4 Jul 2020, 01:55 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 4 Jul 2020, 02:09 ]

Whilst June has been a challenging month, regarding some antisocial behaviour incidents, I wanted to focus this post on the many positives that the Green has to offer. Regular visitors to the Green will know that the cattle were turned out in the middle of June and have now settled in nicely and are starting to munch their way through the sward. They are a very laid back lot and there is one with grey ears, who really likes his head being scratched!


The butterflies are also putting on a good show at the moment with many meadow brown, small tortoiseshell and comma species flitting on the bramble and amongst the grasses and the thistle. They love the brambles on the edge of the Green and so that is always a good place to start to look for them. Here is a lovely comma butterfly, with its ragged wing edges, feeding on the bramble.


Whilst the orchids have put on a lovely display this year, there are now coming to an end and starting to set seed. However, the sward is still looking lovely and one of the plants flowering at the moment is the small but delightful selfheal. This is a creeping herb (same family as mint) and is found pretty much all over the Green. It is an important nectar source for insects and as the name suggests has a rich history in herbal medicine. Amongst other things it was used for treating wounds and also for sore throats, mouth ulcers and internal bleeding - so quite a useful plant to have about!