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June 2019

posted 3 Jul 2019, 08:58 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 3 Jul 2019, 09:00 ]
commom spot orchi

At the beginning of the month, the orchids were putting on a lovely display. We had over 100 southern marsh orchids flowering as well as some common spotted orchids and 12 bee orchids.The cattle then arrived in the first week of June and whilst they initially left the orchids alone, they managed to graze many of the flower heads over the next 2 weeks. We did try putting up some temporary fencing to try and protect the orchids, but unfortunately, it was not enough of a deterrent. On a positive note, there are still about 50 orchids flowering on the wetter part of the green and the orchids are spreading - so all is not lost. I am planning to get some stronger fencing in place for next year!


The invertebrates are also becoming a lot more visible in the warmer weather. There are quite a few butterflies and moths flying at teh moment. The damselflies are also about and I managed to get a photo of a common blue damselfly, which obligingly sat still for a few seconds. Seemingly there are 20 species of damselflies in the UK, so I need to keep a look out for the other 19 species! And there was I thinking there were only blue ones and red ones!


As I said, the cattle are now on the Green and are a fairly friendly lot. The one with the white face quite likes to have his head scratched! They do a wonderful job in keeping the grasses down and are a vital part of our management plan - even if they do eat some of the orchids!

There will be another work party on Sunday 14th July (9.30ish - 11.30ish). We will again be tackling some of the willow herb that is growing on the damper side of the Green, as well as some of the dock near the back path (before the seed sets). All are welcome to attend!