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June 2017

posted 2 Jul 2017, 10:21 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 2 Jul 2017, 10:28 ]
Well, June has definitely been the month of the orchid! We have had a spectacular display this year, with four different species of orchids being identified and what is encouraging is that they are starting to spread over a wider area. We counted (with help from, Ruby Cooper, aged 7)  approximately 120 specimens of  early purple and common spotted orchids, which grown on the dryer part of the Green and are easily visible. There were also at least 60 southern marsh orchids, which, as the name suggests, grow in the boggy side of the Green. These are not so easy to find, mainly because they hide amongst the rush. I only found four bee orchids, although there could have been more, as I find them very difficult to find! Most of the orchids have now finished flowering (or been eaten by the cattle!), but I am hoping that some of the seed will germinate and that next year will be as good, if not better for the orchids! Below is a compilation of some of the beautiful specimens we have had this year.

orchid composite