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June 2016

posted 30 Jun 2016, 01:21 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 30 Jun 2016, 01:22 ]
I am delighted how many orchids we have had flowering this year and what is even more encouraging, they seem to be more widespread. The only problem with orchids, as I have found out, is that apart from bee orchids, some of the others are quite difficult to identify at the species level. Is it a common spotted orchid, or a southern marsh orchid or a heath spotted orchid? Hmm, not that easy and it is made even more complicated by the fact that some can hybridise!  So far I have counted 10 bee orchids and 60 - 80 other orchids (mainly common spotted orchids and I think southern marsh orchids). Have a look at the photos below and please let me know if I am wrong!

We also had a site visit this month from the ecologist at Natural England. She was very pleased with how the Green is looking and how it is being managed. I spent about 3 hrs with her looking at the various  habitats that are present on the Green. I just need to work on my sedge identification, as we have quite a few different species in the fen habitat!

Just a reminder, that we have another work party this Sunday 10 - 12. We will be concentrating on the ragwort which is still growing near the blackberry bushes on the far side of the Green.