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July 2019

posted 2 Aug 2019, 04:11 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 2 Aug 2019, 04:12 ]

July has certainly seen some of the hottest as well as some of the wettest weather! I was hoping to have done the Big Butterfly count by now and report to you my findings. However, with the weather taking a turn for the worst last week, I am afraid have not got round to doing it. However, Wildlife Kate has done a count on the Green and in the 15 minutes allowed for the survey, she saw 29 butterflies and 6 species (4 X large whites, 4 X small whites, 4 X gatekeeper, 11 X meadow brown, 4 X ringlet and 3 X speckled wood). So quite an impressive number!


Now something I wasn't expecting to see on the Green at this time of year is a blackening waxcap mushroom. These are normally found late October/November but I think to due to the wet weather we have had, some are fruiting now. They are also known as the witch's hat waxcap - partly due to their conical, witch hat, shape plus the fact they turn black as they age and usually appear around Halloween!


The cattle are doing well and with all the rain the grass is growing well and so there is plenty for them to eat. We are having another work party this Sunday (4th August) from 9.30ish for a couple of hours. We will be carrying on tackling the willow herb on the wet part of the Green. I am pleased with the progress we have made and you can definitely see where the work has been done. Hopefully see you on Sunday!