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July 2018

posted 29 Jul 2018, 01:37 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 29 Jul 2018, 01:46 ]

It certainly is a relief to get some rain this weekend! I have never seen the Green looking so brown and dry, but despite the heatwave, the cattle seem to be coping. Whilst the grass has turned crispy brown, it is still edible, even though it probably tastes like dried Weetabix! There are also greener things to eat on the wet side, including iris leaves, which seem to be a favourite at the moment!


The marsh thistle is now flowering and it's seeds providing an excellent food source for the seed-eating birds. The goldfinch in particular, love the thistle seeds and flocks of about 20 or so goldfinch can often be seen feeding on the thistle heads. Other exciting bird news, is that the grasshopper warbler is back and being quite noisy. You may remember that we had one (if not a pair) last year on the Green. In fact the first time I heard it this year, I wasn't sure if it was a warbling grasshopper or a grasshopper warbler!


We have also had some maintenance work done this month. The bridge has been fixed, so the cattle (and humans!) can now safely walk over, without any of the planks breaking. We have also had the fence along the Maple Hayes boundary repaired and this will prevent the cattle from trespassing onto their land. At the end of the month, we were visited by the Heart of England in Bloom judges, as part of the Lichfield in Bloom entry. The judges made a short drive onto the Green and hopefully appreciated what the Green has to offer.