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July 2017

posted 5 Aug 2017, 04:29 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 5 Aug 2017, 04:46 ]

As it has been the Big Butterfly Count, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get to grips with what butterfly species we have on the Green. So armed with camera and butterfly chart, I spent a very enjoyable sunny(!) morning looking and photographing the different species. What did suprise me was the number of not only butterfly, but hoverfly, and other creepy crawlies that were feeding and living on the numerous  bramble bushes that we have on the Green. I know that we tend to be a bit dismissive of the humble blackberry bush, and it is necessary to keep it under control, but nevertheless, it did bring home to me that bramble is an important nectar source and home if you are an invertebrate! An interesting article, highlighting the importance of bramble can be found here. Below is a montage of some of the butterfly species that I saw.

So from the top row going left to right we have:

Large white butterfly - this (along with the small white butterfly) are often called a "cabbage white".

Comma butterfly - characteristic jagged wings and has a "comma" mark on the underside of the wing (which I didn't manage to photograph!).

Red admiral - a very colourful butterfly and easy to identify!

Bottom row going left to right:

Gatekeeper - you have to look a bit more carefully for this one, but there are loads on the blackberry bushes

Small white - another "cabbage white"

Meadow brown - this is the male and again you have to look a bit more carefully for these.