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January 2020

posted 9 Feb 2020, 01:34 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 9 Feb 2020, 01:46 ]

Well January was a rather soggy affair, with some parts of the Green turning a bit muddy and slippery. However, there were a couple of cold frosty mornings, which Wildlife Kate managed to capture, with this stunning photo. I just love the colours and she obviously walks her dogs earlier than I do!

Image to the right courtesy of Wildlife Kate,

There is quite a bit of evidence that the badgers have been busy on the Green. They have been digging in some of the softer ground, no doubt looking for earthworms and other things to eat. They like the starchy tubers of pignut, and as this area of the Green contains quite a lot of pignut, I suspect the badgers have been having a bit of a feast!


It was also lovely to see some of the hazel catkins starting to appear and at least feels as though spring is on the way. These catkins are quite purple (normally I associate them with being yellow), but according to Monty Don catkins start off purple but turn yellow as they mature. Alternatively, there is a purple hazel, whose catkins remain purple. I am not sure which these are, but I will keep an eye on them and see what happens!