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January 2016

posted 31 Jan 2016, 08:12 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 31 Jan 2016, 08:49 ]
ivy berries

A brief fall of snow in January bought a wintery feel to the Green. I did manage to get some snowy pictures before it all melted, some of which can be seen on the Trust's facebook page (January 17th post). Something that did catch my eye, was the ivy berries covered in snow. Now, I know ivy is not always the most popular plant amongst gardeners, but its berries are a very important food source for birds, especially at this time of year, when food is getting quite scarce. So it is good to know that there is still something for the birds on the Green to eat, even at this time of year.

Fox on Pipe Green January 2016

Over the winter I have put my trail camera out a few times in the hope of seeing if the foxes were still around. On a number of occasions I did not get any fox footage, so I was very pleased to finally get some shots of a fox visiting the Green. He/she looks to be in good condition, so hopefully I will be able to get some more footage over the next few months.


Whilst the weather has been a bit grotty, I have taken the opportunity to add a page to the website on some of the fungi that we have on the Green and in particular the importance of the waxcap species. I hope you find it interesting. Finally, to end this month's post with a fantastic photo of a sunrise over the Green, kindly sent by the talented Steve Martin of Longbow photography. Another of Steve's amazing photos can also be seen on our facebook page (21 January post).