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February 2021

posted 1 Mar 2021, 02:17 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 1 Mar 2021, 02:38 ]

After a freezing cold start to February, the end of the month was a lot more pleasant, with a definite feel spring in the air! The birds are singing, the crocuses are flowering and the bluebells are pushing their way through in Leomansley Woods; I am sure everyone is feeling a lot better for it. The trees are also doing their bit and the alder are putting on a lovely display of catkins, which take on a golden hue in the sun!


Whilst walking past the alder trees by the football field car park, there was a lot of small birds twittering and flitting about in the trees. A closer inspection revealed that this was a flock of siskins. These are delightful small yellow green finches, with a streaky chest and a distinctive forked tail. They love the alder seed and feed on them… but often from an upside down position! Seemingly this enables them to access more of the seed which other, heavier finches, can’t reach. Makes sense..!


Finally, a very atmospheric misty early morning shot from Wildlife Kate, looking across Leomansley Brook. I love the way the sun is just trying to pierce through the mist. Definitely worth getting up for!

Image to the right courtesy of Wildlife Kate,