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February 2020

posted 4 Mar 2020, 01:20 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 4 Mar 2020, 01:31 ]

If I thought January was a wet month, then I hadn't banked on storms Ciara and Dennis doing their bit in February! I don't think I have ever seen the Green so wet, with pools of standing water on parts of the green that are usually pretty dry. The brook is really full and even the little ditch by the football gate is full of water and flowing quite strongly!


A consequence of all the puddles and soft ground, is that a pair of mistle thrushes have been regularly feeding on the ground. I assume they are after earthworms and other invertebrates that have drowned in the numerous puddles that have formed after all the rain. They are beautiful birds and are bigger than a song thrush and are also highly territorial. I recently found out that mistle thrushes are so called as they are very fond of mistletoe berries! You learn something new all the time!


Towards the end of the month the lesser celandine could be seen starting to flower in some of the sheltered borders of the Green. It is always a welcome sight and definitely a harbinger of Spring and warmer and hopefully drier (although not too dry) things to come!