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February 2016

posted 5 Mar 2016, 03:29 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 5 Mar 2016, 03:32 ]

I know that daffodils and crocuses do not form part of the natural meadowland of Pipe Green, but they always bring a smile to my face and make me feel that spring is almost here. They are found in the corner of the Green, near the Maple Hayes deer park and from here you get a beautiful view across to the cathedral and in the other direction, up to Maple Hayes. The daffodils and crocuses grow above a stone, in memory of Peter and Eilidh Armour-Brown, who lived at Leomansley House (before it got upgraded into a Manor (and after it was a Mill!)), until 1994. Eilidh is well remembered as an accomplished artist and poet and she was also the great niece of Dr Barnado. She is still well remembered by local residents; some as being a friend, whilst others remember her as the person who shouted at them for walking on the public footpath that went past Leomansley House! (Eilidh had unofficially diverted the footpath onto its existing route and so did not want people walking past her front door!)

land drain

Having spent some time looking into the history of Pipe Green, I have come to the conclusion that how we manage the Green today has not changed that much over the last 200 years! This was highlighted this month, when one of our members kindly dug a ditch near the back gate in an attempt to drain the water away from the new(ish) path. Whilst doing this, he came across an old land drain - obviously previous Trust members have had the same problem as us! I don't know how old this land drain is, but the pipes are glazed and look to be in a pretty good condition - any ideas anyone? What is interesting though is that the Trust has been trying to drain the Green since the 1820s, when they bought and laid thousands of soughing tiles. The drains in the photo look much newer, but I would love to find one of the original soughing tiles - I wonder how deep I would have to dig?