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December 2017

posted 27 Dec 2017, 03:03 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 27 Dec 2017, 03:08 ]

The snow that we had a few weeks ago, turned the Green into a winter wonderland and gave a very different feel to the place. Hopefully you managed to get across there and enjoy the views for yourselves.


An advantage of the snow is that animal tracks could be seen and I spent a couple of very interesting hours walking around the Green looking for animal prints. Apart from the inevitable rabbit tracks, there were also a number of fox tracks. One fox had walked quite away along Leomansley Brook and made good use of the bridge! Another interesting print, was that of a bird wing in the snow. It is too small for an owl, but is quite likely to be from a kestrel hunting for mice and voles under the snow.


A rather unusual visitor to the Green was also spotted having a rest on the bench! Maybe he was looking out for the kingfisher that has recently been seen along that part of the brook. Finally just to wish everyone Season's greetings. Thank you for all your support over the year and I hope you continue to enjoy the Green in 2018!