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December 2013

posted 29 Dec 2013, 02:28 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 29 Dec 2013, 02:52 ]
pipe green in winter

A short post this month just to wish everyone a happy New Year! With the mildish weather we are having at the moment, why not go for a stroll on the Green and walk off those Christmas excesses?

Overall it has been a good year for the wildlife on the Green but personally there have been a couple of highlights. Firstly, the butterflies have been spectacular this year and I especially remember one summer afternoon when the Green was alive with butterflies. It was a stunning sight and most certainly makes up for the low numbers of these insects recorded in 2012.

The other highlight for me was seeing all the different waxcap mushrooms that appeared on the Green in the Autumn. I have never really taken much notice of these small mushrooms, but this year I began reading about them and became entranced by the fascinating world of waxcaps! One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing this diary, is that I discover new things about nature that I never knew before. I wonder what it will be for 2014?