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August 2020

posted 31 Aug 2020, 09:32 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 31 Aug 2020, 09:32 ]

I don't quite know where August went and now the Green is certainly giving us hints that Autumn is just around the corner! Not least is this lovely purple-coloured Devil's bit scabious, which flowers late August/September. We are lucky that there are some quite big clumps growing on the damper side of the Green and it is a very important nectar source for the bees and butterflies at this time of year. I just love their bobbing purple heads!


Now, there are always a lot of red berries around in the early Autumn, of which most are hawthorn and dog rose and are loved by the birds. However, there is another red berry that you might not be so keen to eat and this is the berry of the bittersweet, or woody nightshade. Despite its name, it should not be confused with its more well known cousin, the deadly nightshade, but surprisingly, bittersweet belongs to the same family as the potato! The bright red berries of bittersweet contain a chemical called solanine, which, if ingested, can lead to vomiting and convulsions - so best to leave it well alone!


Finally, just to get you in to an autumnal mood, is this small delicate mushroom, just nestling in the grass....