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August 2019

posted 30 Aug 2019, 09:58 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 2 Sept 2019, 03:44 ]
small copper

I finally managed to get round to doing a Big Butterfly count in early August on a lovely sunny day without much wind. I was pleased to see 8 different species and a total of 31 butterflies, with the meadow browns being the most common. Most of these species are typical of a grassland habitat and it shows that the Green has lots of food for them. The list is: small copper x2(photo) meadow brown x10, gatekeeper x4, small white x6, great white x2, small skipper x3, speckled wood x3 and peacock x1. More photos of the butterflies can be found on our facebook page.

bracket fungus

Some of the fungi have made the most of the warm wet weather this month and have started to appear. These include the parasol mushrooms on the Green, but I was very impressed to see this enormous bracket fungus growing on a dead tree trunk on the path going towards the football fields. It must have been over 15 inches big!

water figwort

A plant that is quite common on the damp side of the Green, but is often overlooked, is water figwort. It grows to at least 1m tall and has some very small flowers which on a closer inspection are actually quite lovely.These maroon-coloured flowers are less than 0.5cm big, so you have to get quite close up to appreciate them! Just shows, that size doesn't count!

Finally we will be having our September work party on Sunday the 15th September, where we will start to clear the brook. Hope to see you there!