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August 2018

posted 27 Aug 2018, 09:01 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 27 Aug 2018, 09:16 ]

Thank goodness that the Green is finally becoming greener! With the recent rain, the grasses have started to grow, which is a most welcome sight and something that the cattle are definitely appreciating. This got me wondering, how do grasses survive 4 weeks without any rain and are then able to bounce back and start growing? This led to a fascinating couple of hours on the internet. In brief, grasses, whilst they look dead and brown are in fact dormant. They are unable to photosynthesise but they are still alive and can readily regrow after rain. Factors such as deep root systems and having carbohydrate reserves (which can fuel growth), all help grasses to survive the conditions we saw this summer. I just find nature quite amazing!


The hedgerows are now full of ripening hawthorn berries, and are giving a reddish hue to the hedgerows. Apart from being an important food for blackbirds and redwings, I have recently discovered that they can also be added to gin to make hawthorn gin. I have already got some damson gin on the go for Christmas, but I might try this as well! Sorry blackbirds....!

willow herb

There is still a lot of willow herb on the wet side of the Green. Whilst this is a nectar source for invertebrates, we do not want it to spread too much and dominate the smaller plants (like the marsh pennywort). We have been trying to pull some of it out over the summer, but there is still a lot there! If anyone feels like a "green gym" moment, then please feel free to burn off some calories and pull some of it up (it comes out very easily). We will not be having a work party on the 2nd September, but instead it will be on Sunday 16th September, from 9.00 - 11.00, where we may tackle some more of the willow herb.