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August 2017

posted 31 Aug 2017, 09:27 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 31 Aug 2017, 09:28 ]

Well, Autumn is definitely showing signs of being just around the corner. Not only are the blackberries ripening on the bushes, but some of the trees are also starting to change colour. One of the earliest to put on an autumnal show, is the beech. As can be seen in the photo, most of the leaves are still yellow, although a few have already turned a lovely russet brown. For those of you that are interested, this colour change is due to the chlorophyll (that gives the leaf its green colour), dying back in Autumn. This allows other pigments (carotenoids), that are also present in the leaf, to become visible and give rise to the yellow colour. These yellow pigments then also die back, and the leaf becomes a rich coppery brown. Isn't nature wonderful?!


There are also a number of parasol mushrooms starting to appear and are very visible, due to their large size! As the name suggests, the cap, when fully open, can look like a parasol (well sort of!) and has dark brown scales, which can be clearly seen in the photo. Whilst these mushrooms are edible, I have just read that they can be confused with some poisonous ones, especially when they are not fully open - personally I think I will just leave them alone!

speckled wood

I saw this speckled wood butterfly resting on some nettle along the edge of the Green last week. I think it has seen better days, as some of the hind wing has been lost! They can be seen flying into early October, although I don't think this one will be so lucky! Another sign that Autumn is around the corner!