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August 2016

posted 29 Aug 2016, 09:53 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 29 Aug 2016, 10:02 ]

The berries are definitely ripening in the hedgerows, reminding us that Autumn is not that far away! Many of the birds will enjoy feasting on these and it illustrates how important the hedgerows are for wildlife. Not only do they provide shelter and food for birds and mammals, but they also provide nectar sources for many invertebrate species.


Throughout this month, we have been strimming some of the areas where the nettle is stopping the cattle from grazing the grass. Judging from this photo, the cattle certainly seem to appreciate it! Interestingly, once the nettle has been cut, the cattle are quite happy to eat them - presumably they don't sting as much. Nettles, however are a valuable habitat for many insect species, so we won't cut them all down!

Just to remind you that we have another work party on the 4th September - 10.00 - 12.00. We will be tackling Leomansly Brook and starting to remove some of the watercress that has grown over the summer. Wellies are essential! A three pronged hoe is very useful, but I will bring some spare along as well.