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August 2014

posted 1 Sept 2014, 09:49 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 1 Sept 2014, 10:03 ]
August cattle

There has certainly been an Autumnal feel to the Green in the last few weeks. Not only are the blackberries ripening well, but we have also been having some early morning mists, which gives the Green a very timeless feel. In addition the parasol mushrooms are starting to appear as well as some of the puffballs - think summer might be over!


One of the plants that flowers in August is meadowsweet. This is a very delicate flower, but you will need your wellies if you want to get a close-up view! It grows by the edge of the stream and in the boggy areas of the Green. Meadow sweet is one of those plants that is surrounded by folklore and is reported to have been highly valued by the Druids. The leaves are aromatic and give off a very pleasant wholesome scent. They must have been one of the original air fresheners, as the leaves of meadowsweet have been strewn onto floors for hundreds of years, to help overcome what was probably quite a smelly room!

pulled thistle#

Regular visitors to the Green, will hopefully have seen that quite a lot of work has been undertaken this year to clear and control the creeping thistle. This has been done by strimming in early July and more recently by hand pulling the thistle that had started to grow back. Suprisingly thistle pulling is quite a therapeutic activity, once you "get in the zone" and it is amazing how much you can pull in just over an hour! Just have to watch out for bits of thistle getting into your finger!